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Message From Your Chairman: Senator Troy A. Carter

Let me begin by saying that it is a great honor to serve as Chairman of the Algiers Development District (ADD), an organization that represents and serves the economic interests of the people of Algiers. Algiers is an outstanding community with a rich history and traditions that deserve the attention of a fully dedicated board. Serving you, the residents of Algiers, is a responsibility that none of us on the board takes lightly. I am humbled by the opportunity and wholeheartedly promise to invest the time and resources necessary to bring about much needed change and progress. My fellow board members will hold themselves to the same standards.

As your new Chairperson, there are three pressing items that I intend to address immediately.

First, I have ordered a forensic audit of all the district’s contracts past, present, and future. We will solicit bids from professional firms to review every dollar that has been spent along with monies earmarked for future expenditures. This information will be made available to the public as soon as it becomes available, as part of my commitment to total transparency. To be clear, the call for an audit follows standard processes and protocols for a transition of this magnitude and certainly does not cast aspersions on past leadership. As leaders in the community, however, we are committed to constant improvement and will hold ourselves to the highest standards as we move forward in serving the residents of Algiers.

Second, I along with State Representative Gary Carter reaffirm this board’s priority to continue the positive track record of successful legislative audits held by the past regime. As a special taxing district that deals with taxpayer money this board is subject to regular state audits and we must continue to be held accountable for every dollar spent and every action we take. The bottom line is that we must be efficient in maximizing the resources available to us in order to make meaningful progress.

Third, I will make it my duty to ensure that ADD board meetings occur regularly in a well-advertised fashion. This board and every action we take will embody transparency. Public access is a priority and public input will be sought. There will be accountability. Make no mistake about it: this board belongs to the residents of Algiers. Period.

I have learned many things in my 25 years of service to the State of Louisiana. Given the constant of finite resources, I have learned that expectations and reality must align. The Algiers Development District is adjunct to many public works projects and, like most public entities, our funding and resources are finite. That is not, and will not be used as an excuse, yet it is a reality we will have to deal with when making decisions on behalf of the community as a whole. We can assure you that this board is 100% committed to the Algiers community, and our actions will underscore that fact.

On behalf of my fellow board members, we look forward to continuing our commitment to the people of Algiers. You are in good hands.


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Senator Troy A. Carter


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