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Algiers Tricentennial 

Link to Upcoming Algiers Tricentennial Events


Development Requests for Interest (RFI)

Residential Development RFI for New Orleans Riverside at Federal City

Commercial Development  RFI for New Orleans Riverside at Federal City


B. 2010 Federal City DPZ Master Plan

C. 2014 Fed City Community Forest Master Plan

D. Historic Algiers Riverside Master Plan



Development News Stories January 2019

New Orleans Advocate Article


New Orleans City Business Article


New Orleans Riverside at Federal City Site Map

Site Map


A.D.D. Newsletters

December 2017 Newsletter

Special Edition April 2018 Newsletter

May 2018  Newsletter



September Special Edition 2018 Algiers-Fest-Lineup Newsletter

October Special Edition Algiers-Fest-2018-One-Day-Out Newsletter

October-2018-Special-Edition-ADD-Paint-the-District-Pink Newsletter

January-18-2019-Algiers-Tricentennial-New-Board Members Newsletter


TIF Funds

TIF funds list for authorized uses.


A.D.D. Budgets

ADD 2018 Budget

ADD 2017 Budget


A.D.D. Legislative Audits

ADD Legislative Audit for the year ending DEC 2016

ADD Legislative AUDIT for the year ending DEC 2017


A.D.D. Meeting Agendas

ADD Agenda - May 16 2018

ADD Agenda - June 29 2018

ADD Agenda - August 30 2018

ADD Agenda - October 17 2018

A.D.D. Meeting Minutes

ADD Minutes - May 16 2018

ADD Minutes - June 29 2018

ADD Minutes  - August 30 2018

ADD Minutes - October 17 2018