Levee Bike Hike Trail Lights Plan

Levee Bike Hike Trail Lights Plan

The Algiers Development District completed and paid for the Levee Bike Hike Trail construction in the fall of 2013 for the community of Algiers.  Not only has the Bike and Hike Trail has been a wonderful asset for Algiers but also our neighboring towns of Gretna, the rest of the Westbank, and the Greater New Orleans area.  In 2020 we have seen a tremendous increase in the usage of the levee trail.  As someone who uses it daily, I understand how important it is to our community.

The first 25 NEW Lights have already been installed.

The remaining NEW Lights have been purchased to complete the entire trail.  They will arrive in early February and the installation will commence as soon as they arrive.

Kathy Lynn Honaker

Executive Director

Algiers Development District